Achieving Goals

“I have been using Jacob’s Ladder three times a week for the past four years.  The first time I used it I decided to see how long it would take me to reach 1,000 feet.  It took me over 17 minutes.   Lately I’ve just been seeing how much I can do in 20 minutes, without stopping and without holding the rails.  A few weeks ago I managed 1930 feet, and I realized that I was within 5% of reaching 2000 feet.  I really never thought it would be possible reach that goal but I did it today.  I’m 48 years old 40 lbs. lighter than when I started.  I really can’t thank you enough for this machine.”

Dr. Christopher C.
Professor – Department of Philosophy

We got this message from Christopher, a Jacobs Ladder friend.  It is always inspiring to hear of someone setting a goal, putting together a plan and then achieving it.  Nice job, Christopher!