Are Step Machines Good Exercise?

Are Step Machines Good Exercise

A step machine is a gym staple for good reason – it gives you a killer cardio workout using just one piece of equipment. Climbing stairs has been a popular form of exercise for decades – you’ve probably heard the concept of “just take the stairs” being good for your heart and health.

A step machine is a stationary piece of equipment that allows you to “climb stairs” at a speed that works for you wherever you are in your fitness journey – helping you meet your goals in a unique and challenging way. Whether you are using a step machine at home or at the gym, you’ll get in a targeted workout with numerous benefits.

How to Use a Step Machine

A step machine is an easy piece of equipment to navigate – making it great to utilize whether you’re just establishing a workout routine or if you’re a fitness guru looking for something new to incorporate.

A step machine is similar to an escalator – you adjust the speed of the stairs using an up and down arrow and simply start climbing. One of the greatest benefits of the step machine is the simplicity of how to use it.

Step machines also have side railings, similar to how a staircase would, for safety, included mainly to help you keep your balance. However, in order to get the most out of your workout, we’d encourage you not to lean on them.

If you’re tired of the treadmill, kick it up on a step machine with a cardio workout for the books. If you’re intimidated by gym equipment and are looking for something easy to use, a step machine is a great go-to.

What is the Step Machine Good For?

What makes the step machine a popular piece of equipment is that it’s good for just about everything, giving you a cardio workout that will burn calories, strengthen your core, and target specific muscles.

The step machine is good, in particular, for the lower body targeting specific areas including glutes, calves, and hamstrings. If you’re looking to spice up “leg day,” it’s a great machine to consider.

If you’re trying to avoid the treadmill after years of distress, the step machine will help to strengthen your knees, reducing joint stress and pain. Step machines are considered a low impact type of machine that provide high impact results.

Does a Step Machine Help You Lose Weight?

Regularly using the step machine as part of your work out regimen can contribute to weight loss. Step machines are effective calorie burners and the amount of calories you burn will depend on the intensity in which you’re using it along with your weight.

By constantly continuing a stepping and climbing motion during the duration of the workout, you’re inevitably going to reduce body fat through an active cardio workout.

Of course, how you’re using the machine will determine how many calories you burn but whether you have 10 minutes or 30 minutes to give, your body will benefit from it.

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