Frequently Asked Questions

We know the Jacobs Ladder doesn’t look like your average exercise equipment. People ask us questions all the time. Here’s a list of the most common.


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How Do I Order Your Equipment?

The easiest way to purchase our equipment is online. Our equipment is also available through a number of dealers worldwide or simply order here online. Or you can call us direct at 866.697.4100. Jacobs Ladder accepts all major credit cards and checks. Financing is available.

What is the belt for on the Jacobs Ladder and Stairway?

Jacobs Ladder and Stairway exercise equipment is designed so that the user controls the speed and braking at all times. This ensures that the user is neither under- nor over-worked. The belt is the simplest, most reliable way to control speed and braking without compromising machine durability.

Is the Angle of Jacobs Ladder Adjustable?

No. We place the user at a 40° angle to take stress off of the lower back and place the spine in a more neutral position. This truly gives the user a ‘low impact’ workout on our exercise equipment where they are able to determine intensity. One customer once said, “Jacobs Ladder is the easiest machine to work hard on!”

Do I need to plug in Jacobs Ladder or Stairway?

No. Jacobs Ladder and Stairway are self-powered using a battery and generator combination. The Jacobs Ladder 2 model, designed for home use, needs to be plugged in to operate the digital display.

What is the difference between the Stairway and the Stairway GTL?

Our Stairway has the same internal drive system as the Jacobs Ladder so the user needs to wear a waist to control speed and braking. The Stairway GTL has a motor for speed control.  The user can adjust the speed with up/down arrows on the display.  No waist belt is needed on the GTL model.


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Can I Get a Lower Body Workout Only?

Yes, Jacobs Ladder exercise equipment has long handles with durable grips. This allows the user to decide if they want a full-body workout or just a concentration on the lower body

What type of maintenance is required on your equipment?

Because of the simple design of each unit, our equipment is relatively maintenance free. A full description of how Jacobs Ladder, Stairway, and RopeFit works with maintenance procedures is included with the owner’s manual. 

Tell me about the display readout?

The Jacobs Ladder computer and readout offers Rate (feet per minute), Heart Rate, Total Feet Climbed, Elapsed Time and Calories Burned.

The Stairway and Stairway GTL computer and readout offers Rate (steps per minute), Heart Rate, Total Steps Climbed, Elapsed Time and Calories Burned. 

The RopeFit computer and readout offers Rate (feet per minute), Distance (total feet climbed), and Elapsed Time.

How does the equipment ship? Is assembly required?

Our Jacobs Ladder and Stairway equipment ship fully assembled on custom made pallets.  The equipment needs to be unloaded/removed from the pallet and rolled into place.  The RopeFit ship assembled as well and requires minimal assembly to fasten the main vertical pulley into the upright position. 

What is the warranty on your equipment?

The Jacobs Ladder X, Jacobs Ladder, Stairway GTL, Stairway, and RopeFit all have a four-year parts/one year labor warranty.

The Jacobs Ladder 2 has a two-year part warranty.