“My background is that I *hate* most exercise equipment. Most of it doesn’t seem like it’s built for human beings to exercise on. Rather, it’s more like somebody built the equipment to satisfy some mathematical model of some elliptical curve, and then said “now all we need is some people to agree to get inside of this and move against it.” Instead of helping you build a tolerance for pushing your natural abilities, most equipment requires that you build a tolerance to the use of the equipment. The Jacobs Ladder is probably the most elegant design I’ve encountered in any exercise machine, and that simplicity alone is a great selling point. There are numerous reasons why this should be included in a balanced workout.

When I first saw the Jacob’s Ladder it was being demonstrated outside of a fitness shoe store. I jumped right on it with my backpack and climbed for about a minute before politely letting it go. I already knew right from jump that it was the best exercise machine I’ve ever been on, and definitely the only exercise machine I’ve ever enjoyed. I promised myself that I would purchase one as soon as I had a place of my own.”
– Gabriel Petrie rated Jacobs Ladder 5.0 out of 5 stars!

Awesome review! Thanks Gabriel for enjoying Jacobs Ladder!