How to Find the Best Home Stair Climber and Upgrade Your Home Workout

best stair climber for home use

If you’re like most, 2020 was the year you finally committed to creating a worthwhile home workout. Maybe you converted your spare bedroom or basement to a dedicated exercise space or invested in a new piece of equipment or program to stay physically and mentally healthy while spending more time at home. Or, maybe navigating the past year was a wake-up call, and you realize just how important your personal wellness is. Whichever group you fall in to, know that there are plenty of solutions to start or upgrade your workout.

For those getting started, it can be overwhelming to decide what exercise is right for your current fitness level. Are you brand new to an exercise routine? Perhaps you had one in the past that no longer suits your lifestyle. These are all important factors to consider when deciding where to begin.

Once you make the commitment to yourself, consistency is key. That is why more people than ever are exploring building their own home gym or investing in a reliable, sturdy piece of equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals. In fact, the Washington Post reports that based on the ongoing demand for such pieces, the home-workout revolution may be here to stay.

What is a Stair Climber Exercise Machine?

While many have likely used a treadmill or stationary bike at some point in their lives, there are alternate options that may provide a more complete, challenging and enjoyable workout experience. A stair climber machine, for instance, offers a full-body workout which satisfies muscle groups that a treadmill or elliptical might not. Not only is it one of the best forms of cardio training, a complete boost for your heart health, but it benefits your core, is easy on joints and ideal for users of all ages and fitness levels.

How to Find the Best Stair Climber for Home Use

There are many factors to consider when shopping for the best stair climbing machine for home use. One of the most important factors is size; a home stair climber will need to physically fit inside your house. A stair climber that is too wide or too tall may prevent you from getting the machine inside and putting it to good use. Another important factor is step height. If the steps of a home stair climber are too high off the ground, it can be difficult to get on to and potentially cause you to be too close to the ceiling during use.

Benefits of the Stairway GTL by Jacobs Ladder

The Stairway GTL is a prime example of the perfect piece of home gym equipment to assist new exercisers up to experienced athletes with their goals. What makes this stair climber innovative is its size- ideal for homes, apartments or even offices. With a width of 31 inches and a ceiling height requirement of 8.5 feet, the Stairway GTL is more compact than other machines without giving up any of the qualities that people look for in equipment. It is sturdy, simple to use and includes a 10-inch first step, which is lower and more user-friendly than other climbers. This eliminates the need to hoist up or climb to start a workout.

Unlike so many pieces of gym equipment, the Stairway GTL is straightforward. There is no fancy software to get to know, Bluetooth to connect, username to create. There is a start button, a pause button and speed buttons. You have the ability to focus completely on your workout, or include any of your favorite accessories or entertainment sources at your discretion.

“The Stairway GTL has changed my entire outlook on exercise. As someone with joint pain and hip stiffness, I have had trouble in the past with large equipment and high impact exercise. It is easy to step up on and then adjusts to my own speed so I don’t have to worry about overdoing it. It’s the only equipment I use.” – Jack Arkellian, 56

What Muscles Does a Stair Climber Work?

For those who have maintained a consistent workout or achieved a high level of fitness but are looking to change things up, a stair climber may be just the challenge you are seeking. Use the Stairway GTL to target specific muscle groups, especially lower body and glutes, or engage in a core-strengthening, full-body session. As a smart stairway, the GTL adapts to your body weight, stride and cadence and is self-powered. That means what you put in is what you’ll get out of it! With a smaller base than many large pieces of equipment, it easily fits through a standard doorway, can be set up almost anywhere and there is no need to plug in.

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Control your own health and wellness destiny this year by investing in yourself and committing to a feel-good exercise routine. If you have been searching for the best home exercise equipment, you have come to the right place. The best home stair climber is the Stairway GTL: built for the gym, sized for the home. Visit our FAQ page to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. One of our fitness experts is standing by to help.