When we learned Jacobs Ladder was going to be on NBC’s Biggest Loser, we knew that we needed to come up with a product that fit better in the home and was more affordable to individual buyers. So, we took Jacobs Ladder cardio machine (used by professional training centers worldwide) and rather than making it cheaper and smaller, we focused on simply reducing the width and removing some hi-end features to bring down the cost. Specifically, we narrowed the base width from 31.25″ to 27.25″ so it would fit through most doorways. We swapped out the Maple Rungs to a Steel Rung with Polyurethane Sleeve. Our engineers removed the Self-Powered Electronics features and added a wall plug to power JL2’s display. Finally, we reduced the Warranty from a 4 Year Parts/1 Year Labor Warranty to a 2 Year Parts Warranty. That’s it! With Jacobs Ladder 2 cardio machine you’ll get the same workout, with the same rock solid reliability, leading to the same awesome results you want. Learn more about the differences between all our self-powered workout machines at the Products page on this website.