Speaking of Functional Training, Dr. Brad Bose stopped by our booth at IHRSA this year. Brad has become a close friend and is one of the sharpest minds in the fitness industry. From coaching a national championship football team in Sweden, to getting Robert Downey Jr. ready for his role in the Marvel movie “Iron Man”, Brad has an unprecedented diversity in the health and wellness industry.

We wanted to share a cool quote from an KABC-TV news article published during the release of the first Iron Man movie. It demonstrate the unique aerobic/anaerobic capabilities of the Jacobs Ladder machine.

In “Iron Man,” Downey needed to put on about 20 pounds of muscle and wear an extra 40 in his costume. Since the suit was made well in advance and could not be altered, he couldn’t afford to get hulky.

So longtime trainer Brad Bose used cardio equipment called “Jacobs Ladder” that uses the arms, legs, back and buns for a killer calorie-thrashing routine.

This is a cool example how the Jacobs Ladder is versatile enough to accommodate both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, depending on the users’ unique goals.


Aside: I found a picture on his website of the only Jacobs Ladder with a Woodway sticker on it. We made this unit 6 years ago to determine if Woodway would like us to private label for them. In the end, Woodway just decided to stick with the Jacobs Ladder brand to complement their products. Call it a collectors item!