Why Manufacture in the USA?

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People ask us all of the time why we manufacture all of our products in the USA, when seemingly cheaper production is available in China, Mexico, Korea, Thailand etc…  When many companies in the past 15 years have concentrated on setting up manufacturing plants or supply chains in these countries, it is good to note that not ALL manufacturing is cheaper overseas.  Concentrating on lower hourly labor rates is only part of the equation.  We concentrate on Value-Added Movement, Lean Manufacturing and Variation Reduction to remove WASTE in the manufacturing process.  For larger, complex, durable products, like Jacobs Ladder and the Stairway, manufacturing them overseas only results in higher shipping costs, higher shipping damage, longer lead times, higher inventories and higher warranty costs. We have found that at Jacobs Ladder, manufacturing in North Tonawanda, NY gives us the control to make improvements in the process and therefore a better product to our customer.  Besides that, we create jobs in the USA just like our friends at Life Fitness and Woodway USA.