200px-Boston_Celtics.svgIn 2007, we got a call from Walter Norton (Strength Coach at the time) from the Boston Celtics to order a Jacobs Ladder. We would like to think this was the major reason for their NBA Championship in 2008 (and that it had nothing to do with getting Garnett and Allen). In 2011, we got another call from current Strength Coach Bryan Doo requesting a Jacobs Ladder for star forward Paul Pierce in his new home in Calabassas, CA. A 2010 Wall Street Journal article added the following:

Mr. Pierce also uses the Jacobs Ladder, a machine that looks like a ladder tilted at a 40-degree angle. The angle takes stress off of the lower back and the faster Mr. Pierce climbs, the faster the rungs move. “I do five or six sets on it. Usually one minute on, one-minute off. It’s quick and very efficient for cardio,” he says.

We have gotten calls from many athletes in the latter half of their careers (Dwight Freeney, Jamal Lewis, etc..) because Jacobs Ladder gives them the cardio that they need without beating up their joints. See more on the many benefits of the Jacobs Ladder. Go Celts !!