IM000248.JPGThe baseball season may be over, but in recent weeks Daniel Straily (Pitcher for Oakland A’s), Jason Grilli (Pitcher for Pittsburgh Pirates) and Wade Davis (Pitcher for Kansas City Royals) have either purchased Jacobs Ladder or been quoted as using Jacobs Ladder to improve their performance. Weight management and leg power are reasons why baseball players, and especially pitchers, are moving to Jacobs Ladder.

Our most interesting talk was with Daniel Straily. Daniel said that he has been addicted to Jacobs Ladder ever since his days at Marshall University. When he got to Marshall as a junior college transfer, he weighed in at a beefy 250 lbs. He left Marshall two years later at 214 lbs (and his current weight) and felt like he was in the best shape of his life. He attributes most of his transformation to Jacobs Ladder.

As trainers and teams are discovering all over the country, no single machine will help your athletes lose weight, build strength, and increase their endurance like the Jacobs Ladder. And because it is self paced and low impact, the JL is also the ideal interval workout option for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Find out more on our website and have a great offseason!