Jacobs Ladder Mt Everest Challenge

Jacobs Ladder is excited to announce we’ve partnered with select Anytime Fitness™ and Gold’s Gym™ locations for an awesome new cross-promotion: The “Climb Mt. Everest Challenge”. The rules are simple. Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world at 29,035 feet above sea level. Individuals at participating gyms who climb this distance cumulatively on Jacobs Ladder will receive a FREE “I Climbed Mt. Everest” T-shirt, as well as an official “Congratulations” for both them and their gym on our social media sites for reaching the goal. After all, it’s not every day that somebody climbs the elevation of the tallest mountain in the world!

Participating is easy, just talk to your Anytime Fitness or Gold’s gym staff and ask if your location is participating. If they aren’t, request that they join the challenge! If you are already participating, keep us up to date on your progress with the hashtag #29035FEET on Facebook and Twitter.

Jacobs Ladder Mt Everest Challenge WorkoutThe first person to officially climb the elevation of Mount Everest on the Jacobs Ladder was Trey Terrell from Anytime Fitness in Covington, GA. It only took him 6 days to climb 29,035 feet! Congratulations Trey! Keep Climbing!

To join the challenge, gyms simply need to contact us and to let us know they are interested. We will get you set up and send materials with which to promote the challenge.