The Benefits of Using a Rope Climber Machine

The Benefits of Using a Rope Climber Machine

Back in school, we’d all look forward to “ropes week.” It was the week our physical education teachers finally pulled down the long, swinging ropes from the gymnasium ceiling and we’d get to give it our best shot. Or, at least we’d get to swing back and forth a few times.

These days, getting on a rope is something most of us don’t consider when planning the ideal workout. For one, a full-size rope is hard to come by- certainly not waiting in the rafters of our home. It’s also no secret that as adults, a rope climbing workout can be extremely challenging.

Did you know that you can experience that same endurance-building exhilaration anytime you want with the help of a rope climber machine? A rope climber is stationary exercise equipment designed to fit in a compact space while providing tailored options for resistance, position and variety.

What Does a Rope Climber Workout?

A rope climber provides an intense and complete workout for exercisers at every level. Not only does it strengthen the core, the biceps, upper back and lats, but working out with a rope climber machine builds endurance and agility. Use it to mimic a traditional vertical climbing experience or on some rope climbers, the rope can be adjusted into alternate positions for even more muscle-building potential.

The rope climber is an elite wellness machine because it combines the practice of physical endurance as well as mental toughness. There’s nothing like a workout with the accompanying visualization of climbing a rope, a mountain, or your biggest obstacle. Even more mind/body benefits are realized in the form of improved coordination and grip strength.

How to use a Rope Climber Machine

A rope climber machine is easier to use than it may appear at first glance. Instead of physically climbing a rope, your feet remain grounded and a heavy-duty rope continuously loops to simulate the experience and momentum of climbing. As the rope is pulled, cardiovascular endurance and core strength is engaged to keep the rope moving. Add squats or lunges to keep the workout evolving, or change to a sitting position, if the rope climber allows.

The machine is safe for almost anyone to use, unless you’ve dealt with a recent shoulder injury or surgery. Like all exercise programs, please consult your doctor before incorporating a new exercise into your regimen.

Why Choose the RopeFit by Jacobs Ladder?

Getting a complete rope climbing workout is now easier than ever. The Ropefit, by Jacobs Ladder is the first commercial rope climber providing a full chain exercise for every user. Self-powered and easy to add in any gym space, the RopeFit offers the first cleanable rope on the market with a unique two-rope system that makes it easy to switch exercises. With the added benefit of five different resistance levels, RopeFit delivers a solid workout and results like no other.

You’ll monitor progress with an easy-to-read digital readout screen that includes elapsed time, resistance level, feet climbed and rate per minute. The RopeFit also features the ability to change position, from standing to seated, plus the opportunity to switch between vertical and horizontal pull rope settings. These functions allow for endless variety in your workout!

RopeFit Keeps you Coming Back for More

Keeping your workout interesting and challenging is key to building a consistent, sustainable exercise routine. With the RopeFit by Jacobs Ladder, you’ll elevate to another level of fitness and dedication because frankly, it’s fun to do. You’ll look forward to your workout every day.

The RopeFit offers a multitude of physical and mental health benefits that will serve you for years to come. If you have questions about reserving a RopeFit machine for your home, business or gym facility, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.