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Meet the Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder is a high intensity interval training tool, featured on television programs like NBC’s “Biggest Loser” and CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow.” It’s the machine trusted by pro athletes like the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics and Kansas City Royals, and college athletic programs at Penn State, Duke, UNC, Ohio State, Michigan and others. It helped train Robert Downey, Jr. to be “Iron Man,” and used to train others to climb Mount Everest. Where will Jacobs Ladder take you?

Jacobs Ladder X

Jacobs ladder X

Jacobs Ladder 2

Jacobs ladder 2

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs ladder

I hate this machine, i hate this place, see you tomorrow.

JLX Workout
Woman on Jacobs Ladder
High Intensity Cardio Workout on Jacobs Ladder

Operating Information


Below is a list of recommendations and safety precautions.

  • Always warm up at the slowest speed for at least two minutes. In your initial cardio workouts, it is best to pace yourself to gain an understanding of the machine intensity.
  • Use opposing arm and leg movements (i.e., right arm/left leg — left arm/right leg).
  • Never take more than one step at a time.
  • Practice going slow and allow the cardio machine to stop until you feel comfortable with the machine.
  • Keep spine straight and relaxed (don’t hunch your back) – Upper body weight should be supported by arms.
  • If you feel dizzy while using the hand-over-hand movements, use the side rails and concentrate on a lower body workout.
  • Some people may be more comfortable wearing gloves.


Jacobs Ladder is a simple cardio machine to use and operate. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to use the machine

  1. Set your weight using the Reset Sensor.
  2. Set your height on the height strap.
  3. Attach belt to your waist – Jacobs Ladder logo should be right side up.
  4. Climb onto the cardio machine. Accelerate slowly to let the machine adjust to your speed.
  5. In order to stop, simply stop climbing and coast to the bottom.

Support Information

If you would like more information or have questions that are not answered on our website, contact us at [email protected] for a guaranteed 24-hour response.

Call us toll free at 1-866-697-4100 to speak to a representative about Jacobs Ladder exercise equipment.