What People Say

Tony Gray, Vice President, The Rush Fitness Complex

“I wouldn’t think of opening a club without a Jacobs Ladder.”

Todd Person, Owner of Metabolic Project

“With so many superlatives already bestowed on Jacobs Ladder, and rightfully so. I hope I don’t sound redundant, when I say that Jacobs Ladder is one of those must have components that brings out the “Wow” when clients use and experience it.”

Tim Bower, Owner of Anytime Fitness – Mound, MN

“It’s simple really… Do you want to watch tv and experience very little change? Or do you want to climb your way to a healthier place? Ride an elliptical or treadmill for 5 minutes then CLIMB for 5 minutes and you’ll know which one is about RESULTS!”

Tim Allerton, Exercise Physiologist from Louisiana State University

“The calorie expenditure on Jacobs Ladder was significantly greater versus the treadmill at the same perceived exertion level.”

Chris Laird, Trainer, The Denver Athletic Club

“It’s my clients most loved and hated piece of equipment at the same time.”

Bob Bateson, Former NFL Player, Owner – Body Blocks

“Jacobs Ladder is second to none….it provides the same cardiovascular results achieved by high impact aerobics without physically abusing the joints.  This is a great cross-training machine!”

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