The Benefits of Cardio-Focused Exercise

The Benefits of Cardio Focused Exercise

A cardio-focused workout is so vital, yet so often neglected in the modern workout community. Many have turned exclusively to weights and high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs to achieve their fitness goals, leaving exercise like walking, jogging, and stair-climbing out of the equation. Unfortunately, eliminating cardio will likely leave them unable to continually improve their overall health and wellness in the long run.

Who says a cardio workout can’t compliment any other type of exercise? Read about the important benefits of cardio-focused exercise and why it is so important for your heart, weight, and fitness capacity.

The Main Benefits of Cardio-Focused Exercise

There are countless reasons to include some portion of cardio in your exercise regimen. Not only will it keep your heart and internal systems running smoothly, it will improve your strength and endurance in the long term.

Some of the top reasons to include cardio-focused exercise:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Naturally boosts energy and mood
  • Reduces risk of a host of diseases
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Aids in weight management
  • Lowers cholesterol

Cardio Mental Health Benefits

A cardio-focused workout won’t just benefit your body, but your mind, as well. According to Psychology Today, aerobic exercise raises your heart rate and increases blood flow to your brain. As more oxygen enters your bloodstream, more oxygen is delivered to your brain. This leads to the production of neurons in certain parts of your brain that control memory and thinking. The result is an increase in brain volume, which many believed helps buffer against the effects of dementia.

Cardio-focused exercise is an excellent way to manage stress effectively. The hormones that are associated with the onset of stress, (epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol) are elevated by movement, making your body more able to regulate them when they are released into your system.

Perhaps the most obvious reason to incorporate cardio fitness into your lifestyle is because it makes you feel good. Many report it helps them look and feel younger, build social networks, and increase endurance. It’s a surefire way to maintain a healthy weight, too!

The Best Method to Achieve a Full Cardio Workout

There are so many great ways to achieve a full cardio workout. If you’re just getting started, get outside for a 30-minute walk every day or hop on your bike. If you prefer exercising socially, try a new class at your local gym and get your heart pumping.

For those looking to upgrade an existing workout, seeking a new challenge, or for those who aren’t physically comfortable with the typical wear and tear that can occur by walking or running, there are “outside the box” exercises to try that will invigorate your cardio routine. Stairclimbing, rope climbing, or ladder climbing are all full cardio workouts that also build lead muscle. These exercises also typically burn calories at a higher rate, which is great if you are hoping to lose weight.

For heart health, these types of exercises will keep your body guessing, keep your heart rate up and keep blood flowing to all parts of your body. Not to mention, it’s fun to try something new.

Jacobs Ladder Provides a Complete Cardio Experience

Jacobs Ladder is the most effective piece of commercial gym equipment on the market today. As the signature piece of equipment in our product lineup, it is time-tested- delivering results for years.

This piece of equipment is self-powered, meaning your workout will be at exactly the right pace for your level, so anyone can benefit from a Jacobs Ladder workout. Because it is high intensity but low impact, you’ll get beneficial cardio exercise without the strain on your body that is often associated with other types of workouts.

Jacobs Ladder offers an ideal cardio-focused exercise for users of all ages and fitness levels. By investing in your cardio health, you’re investing in your long-term wellness and longevity- a gift that is truly priceless. If you have questions about our signature Jacobs Ladder machine, or any of our cardio products, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.